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psychic, psychic reading, psychic predictions, psychic readings, psychic healer, grief recovery specialist, metaphysical healer, akashic records, akashic record reader, shelley crane, shelley crane certified soul coaching, certified soul coaching





"WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What can I say? Shelley has given in completely to being a clear conduit for the Akashic records. She listens to the messages she receives and is lucid and specific in how she relates those messages to the client. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHNG she relayed to me when answering my questions was 100% right and true for me. The messages were so accurate she was answering questions I had thought of but hadn’t verbally asked yet. If you are looking for support in knowing your soul and what your soul’s life purpose is Shelley’s services are the way to go. I have no doubt you will be as amazed, fulfilled, and illuminated as I was."

Robert Reilly



Thank you for the Akashic reading.



"I had a great experience!  I see that day as the beginning of my renewed commitment to living my truth and purpose.  Much of what was said resonates with my soul and spirit.  The message that you passed on to me inspires me to continue what I am already doing, while deepening all of my spiritual practices.  I feel blessed to have met you."

Take care and many blessings to you,




"Getting my Akashic Records read by Shelley Crane was truly life-changing. In just 2 weeks, I have grown and learned so much, simply from validation that I received during the reading. I have since begun the process of registering to get my Doctorate degree, started meditating, and have a much better overall outlook on life. There is still much more that I intend to do and to change, but I know that it is possible and it is what I am meant to do. Thank you, Shelley, for helping me come to these revelations – I definitely feel blessed to know you!"





"Sometimes special opportunities only present themselves once in our lives.  If the opportunity presents itself for you to be fortunate enough to work with Shelley you need to take advantage of that opportunity and open your mind and your heart to all the possibilities that are out there for you and that Shelley can help you realize. Whether you are suffering a loss or at a loss within yourself, Shelley has a very caring, supportive and unconditional way of helping you move forward with your own self-fulfillment of life as it should be for you specifically."

With my Deepest Respect and Honor

Michael Vigil



"I have never before participated in any type of “reading” of my life path, no astrology, no numerology, no fortune tellers not even at a party.  But during this year I have been working with Shelley as my Life Coach and that work has been so incredibly helpful, supportive, revealing and exciting that when she told me of her ability to access the Akashik Records I was intrigued and interested however still skeptical and sat with it for some time before deciding to go ahead and give it a chance.


The experience was absolutely wonderful!  The atmosphere was totally supportive, I was comfortable and comforted.  The guidance I received was so personal and appropriate, helping me to see myself and the love and support that surrounds me and each and every one of us. I was able to have a conversation about my questions, ask for clarification and express my concerns and we even laughed together as my stubborn hold on old beliefs came forward and was exposed in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

This experience was incredibly supportive and beautiful, it offered the power to be life transforming and I would recommend it without a single hesitation to anyone who is interested and willing."

Patti McPhillips







"Coaching with Shelley Gillem using the Akashic Record has truly been a life changing experience for me. It takes coaching to a spiritual, soul growth level. I have complete trust and confidence in Shelley. Her gentle way, enthusiasm and expertise help me to move along my life path. I first started working with Shelley when a mutual coaching friend suggested I have an Akashic record reading with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Shelley opened the Akashic record at the beginning of the session and I began by asking the masters of the record some of the ten questions I had prepared. I asked about my life’s purpose and the contracts I have with important people in my life. The guidance and answers I received were so affirming and resonated as absolutely true and right. I decided to continue on in regular coaching sessions with Shelley. She opens the Akashic record at the beginning of each session and I receive the most amazing messages and guidance from the Masters. I also communicate with loved ones who have passed over, but are helping me with the contract we have together that I am still working on completing in my life. Shelley then uses her coaching skill and knowledge to work with me on implementing meditations, affirmations and other ‘homework’ that I can do to align myself with my life’s purpose and spiritual goals as identified in the Akashic records. I look forward to our sessions and I feel energized, soul-affirmed and totally connected with spirit afterwards. Working with Shelley and the Akashic records is helping to clarify and move toward my goals, both personally and professionally, by leaps and bounds."


Tracy Richardson, President, Luminis Books

Author of Indiana Summer and The Field







When I went to Shelley for an Akashic Reading, my life was at a dead end. Unemployed for nearly 8 years, I felt totally stuck and in turmoil, with lifelong patterns of endless struggle, lack and poverty that made no sense. No matter what kind of healing I had tried, nothing worked. I needed answers to restore my sanity.
In opening the records and revealing my soul agreements, Shelley opened the door to greater understanding of my higher purpose. Just when I thought my life was a total failure, she helped me to see that it was really a monumental spiritual success.
Shelley has this amazing ability to access your soul’s energetic imprint over many lifetimes. She helped me to understand that the Akashic Records hold our true purpose and how we can use this to resolve our current challenges. Sharing the wisdom of the masters channeled through her, Shelley revealed that my purpose was “to help push healers and their messages out into the world.” She showed me how to dismantle old soul agreements that no longer serve me and how to use my soul’s free will and higher power to create a new path of joy and fulfillment.
Imagine my surprise when, less than a week after the reading, a job opportunity appeared out of the blue working for a prominent doctor who is advocating for health care reform and taking a stand against drug companies. After struggling to survive for so long, I now start my new job “pushing this healer and his vital message out into the world” … exactly 2 months to the day of Shelley’s reading.
I believe that the world would be a better place with much happier souls if everyone could have one of Shelley’s Akashic Readings. My troubled heart was instantly uplifted and I was flooded with an unprecedented sense of inner calm as my life and its former struggles suddenly made perfect sense.
Knowing your soul legacy and lessons will bless your life with a greater sense of peace, power and purpose as Shelley offers guidance, affirmations, decrees and simple rituals to transform your life as it has mine. I only wish I could have found her 30 years earlier! Her reading is invaluable and the single best thing you can do to move your life forward.
Forget the college loan and life insurance policies … invest in an Akashic Reading and save yourself years of probing, groping and stumbling. This is the only real lesson and “insurance” you will ever need for a happy life full of miracles!


Catherine Rourke
 Florence, OR