About The Records

The Akashic Records are a vibrational field that contains a record of all things that have ever taken place for everyone. You can think of it like a giant file cabinet or mainframe computer filled with information on everything that has already passed. It is an infinite resource from a spiritual perspective from the highest point of view. It is who you are truly as a soul throughout time, not just who you perceive yourself to be within this lifetime.

When I access your record, you have a direct line to your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones through me. These beings represent you and have entered into an agreement with your soul to care for, love, teach, support and guide you throughout your life. Because the information comes directly from them, it is always compassionate and respectful without judgement, and is always just what is needed.

You can ask big questions, find out about your soul’s purpose, get insight into your health, receive suggestions about what you need right now, find out why you do or do not do certain things (i.e. bad habits, repeating behaviors), come to understand the reason for the state of your relationships (why they are the way they are) and request information on past lives. Whatever it is that you do not understand or want to know can be accessed.

The information from the record helps you to more fully understand who you truly are and therefore gives you a perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise. This information also helps you to understand how empowered you are and that you’re not a victim, there’s an order and reason for everything and what that order and reason is.

 I say a prayer to open a record. While I’m reading it I enter into an altered state of consciousness and remain in this state during your reading. I become a trance medium. When you’re all done with your questions, I say another prayer to close the record, leave the trance state and come fully back into awareness.

The way it works with me is a purely trance mediumship experience. This means that while I am not completely out of my body, I do become a conduit so much so that the words which are coming out of my mouth are not mine.  I also do not always remember 100% of what was discussed. Bring a Journal to take notes.  I do this over the phone or in person.